Looking to buy Glace Fruits online?

These delicious glace (or glacé) fruits have been cooked in a heated sugar syrup mix. This process is also called 'glazing'. It allows the fruit to absorb moisture and sugar from the syrup which preserves the fruit. Most people who taste our glace fruit will never buy it from the supermarket again! To give your home baking the final 'cherry on top', you can't beat large, juicy and delicious glacé fruit.

Glace fruit is also known as "glazed fruit" or "candied fruit". These delicious treats are usually purchased for fruit cakes, puddings and panforte. They are perfect for recipes that need some extra colour, sweetness or moisture.  

High-quality glace fruits are large, firm and moist. Often, supermarket-bought glace fruit is dry and dull, indicating lower quality fruits. The best-quality glazed fruit comes from Europe. While it is harder to find, European glace fruit is superior to the glazed products from China and Thailand

There are quite a few differences but it all boils down to quality. We choose glace fruit from Spain because the fruit grown there and the traditional methods of producing glazed fruit are so superior to what you'll find elsewhere (except Australia!). We stock our glace ginger from Buderim

The European attitude to cooking and food preparation is absolutely centred around sourcing quality base ingredients. With glace fruit, that means it's critical to start with amazing-quality fruits that are already full of flavour before the cooking process begins (if you've been to Spain, you'll know they have amazing fruit and veg). 

Glace fruit should be vibrant and moist, not dull or dry. It should also be nice and firm to the touch and really juicy when you eat it. High-quality baking deserves the best glace fruit because it looks so good as well. Adding a few of our glace cherries on top of your cakes and puddings will be the final touch they need. 

Yes absolutely! And not just recreational baking either. This glace fruit is of the same quality as that used in professional baking, added both inside the mixture (glace mixed peel, glace ginger) and on top as a decoration (glace cherries, glace apricots etc).