Products & Values

We pride ourselves on providing a large array of high quality nuts and non-perishable pantry items to local markets and food retailers, but above all else, it’s the partnerships we make with businesses that we truly value. We want to partner with people who believe what we believe – shop local, support Australian, seek quality.

Advice & Support

The Nut Market brand is built on a foundation of consistency in the quality of our product. We are committed to ensuring The Nut Market experience, no matter where you nibble us, is consistent for your customers – it’s what makes them seek out the brand and keep coming back for more. To this end, we do not only offer high quality products and packaging, we insist on it. We are always accessible for our retail partners, whether it be product advice or in-store merchandising assistance, from start to finish we are with you including hand delivery of your goods.

Wholesale confectionery available from The Nut Market

A market-leading brand

The Nut Market brand is recognised as both distinctive and exceptional, we deliver what consumers want from a pantry provider. We stay up to date on food trends and what's motivating the consumers in our market. We focus our attention and resources on both improving and maintaining high conversion awareness amongst Australian consumers looking for specialty pantry brands, driving repeat business for your business.