Our Story… In A Nutshell

Fourteen years ago, in the heart of Brisbane’s fashionable James St. precinct, we had a kernel of an idea to fill people’s pantries with the highest quality Australian, local and imported wholefood ingredients.  Now all these years later our boutique family owned and operated business The Nut Market, has ripened and become an ingrained part of the local foodie community.

Implanted at the core of our business is a passion for our family and our land. Our abundant home state of Queensland has the highest proportion of land area in Australia, some 84%, dedicated to agriculture. Not only are we nuts about supporting our local crop growers and producers but also about bringing their unique, high quality products to you in both a sustainable and accessible way. Like so many young families we believe the physical health of our children and the health of their future on our planet needs to be one and the same. The question we asked ourselves as a business was; without sacrificing on the quality of our product how do we help our customers balance the demands of their busy lives and be eco warriors too? 

The Nut Market on James Street in New Fram, Brisbane

The word convenient doesn’t necessarily have to mean “eco-UNfriendly” when it comes to how you buy and store your food. All of our products are hand-packed daily in-store, inside our custom designed kraft paper resealable bags. That’s guaranteed freshness sealed in! No more stale, unhygienic product that’s been sitting around in bulk bins. Who knows how many people have been fondling your nuts!?! We follow stringent food health & safety guidelines to make sure you're receiving not just quality product, but safely packaged and fresh product too. We’re always foraging for new ways to be friendly on the environment, friendly on your family’s health and friendly on your lifestyle. Because where our appetite for exceptional quality ingredients lives, is where your pantry begins…

Our Store… In A Nutshell

Exceptional products, good prices, sourced locally, supplied fresh to you. 

Stepping into our James St. store is a little like falling down the peanut hole! A large variety of unique and hard to source ingredients awaits you. Our experienced team of nut enthusiasts are always on hand to guide you through and crack open any questions you may have. We are so passionate about what we do that most days you’ll find us in-store too! Roasting up a warm batch of cinnamon nuts, grinding up a fresh assortment of pure nut butters or packaging up another bountiful order to send out to our likeminded stockists. We look forward to snacking with you next time you’re in the neighbourhood. 

Our Product… In A Nutshell

Only premium products. Only honest pricing. 

We stock over 600 lines of the highest-quality, regionally-sourced and imported products, all packaged in time-saving portion sizes and ready to be munched! Peruse our extensive range of organic, keto, vegan, dairy free and gluten friendly products, before nibbling your way through our nuts, healthy treats, childhood favorites and snack foods.

From locally sourced honey, to activated nuts, exclusive American lines, hot sauces and the finest European chocolates, at The Nut Market you’re sure to find something to please every nutcase in the family.

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