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Glace Cherries Red


These scrumptious Glacé Cherries are a versatile pantry ingredient. With their festive red colour, our non-GMO glacé cherries have a sweet, slightly tart flavour making them the perfect decorative addition to baked goods. While most glace cherries you will find in shops are manufactured in China and Thailand, we source ours from a small family business in Spain. The best glace cherries in the world are grown and processed in Europe using traditional methods and the flavour is incomparable to the mass-produced, glace cherries from China! 

Glace cherries have long been used as a delicious addition to Italian Panettone, Florentines, Christmas Cakes and boiled fruit cakes. 

Serving size:     50 g 

Average Quantity

Per Serving

Average Quantity

Per 100 g



1122 kJ

<0.2 g

1244 kJ

<0.5 g

Fat, total

– saturated


– sugars

<0.2 g

<0.2 g

36.25 g

24.5 g

<0.5 g

<0.5 g

72.5 g

49 g

Sodium17.5 mg35 mg

Add some of our red glace cherries to delicious home-baked cakes and desserts, like baked Alaska, almond sponges, cherry coconut slice, mince tarts or classic fruit cakes. They are also wonderful in muffins and biscuits like Florentines or muesli bars.

Glacé cherries can be a bit sticky, which can make it difficult to mix them through other ingredients. If so, simply wash the excess sugar syrup off the cherries in cold water. The glazed cherries can then be used whole or sliced as needed.

Use these candied red cherries as a decoration for topping desserts and baked treats, or include them in homemade chocolates, gelato or ice cream – perfect for cassata or tartufo.

Cherries, Sugar, glucose & fructose syrup, acidity regulator (E330), Preservative (E202, E223 (residual)), and colour (E129)
Product of Spain.

Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Shelf-Life of up to 24 months when stored as above. See Best Before date.

This product may contain traces of other Allergens.

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