Looking to buy Dried Fruit online?

Dried fruit is very popular worldwide and has many uses. You'll find dried fruit in baking recipes, salads, raw and vegan cooking and as a snack food. Dried fruit is exactly as the name describes! It is essentially just fruit that has been desiccated, so it contains (almost) all of the benefits that normal fruit does. There are always disagreements about the health benefits of dried fruit however we have found that dried fruit should be understood in context when it comes to your health.

Since dried fruit has a very similar constitution to normal fruit, any discussion about health needs to keep in mind that people have different tolerances to the amount of fructose that they can consume! Yes, fruit is high in fructose which is a form of sugar that should be eaten in moderation. Yet, dried fruit is also extremely nutritious. It also has a lot of fibre which is important for regulating the body's metabolism of fructose. The bottom line is that dried fruit is a delicious, healthy and versatile ingredient to be enjoyed in moderation for all its benefits and delicious flavours.

Dried fruit shrinks while drying out. Since its energy content stays the same, dried fruit is a very dense nutritional snack. This means that it is very portable and useful. Dried fruit will suit the needs of anyone using lots of energy but not wanting to pack large food items. This is why it is so often included in trail mixes for hikers. Dried fruits, seeds and nuts are some of the go-to snacks for many hikers and mountain climbers around the world. Another benefit of dried fruit is its shelf life. Fresh fruit lasts for a few weeks at best however dried fruit will be fine for many months, if not years!

Types of Dried Fruit

The most popular dried fruits in Australia are sultanas, raisins. They are common household pantry ingredients and found in many, many snack foods. You have probably also come across dates, prunes and dried apricots. They are all very popular ingredients. 

Moving beyond the standard range, have you discovered just how many dried fruits there are to buy? Just as fresh fruit has a huge range of sugar and nutrient profiles, so do dried fruits! 

If you haven't already, you should look beyond the 'usual suspects'. There are some amazing dried fruits to discover. Several of them are actually our most popular products! If you want to start with the healthiest dried fruits, check out dried pineapple and dried apple. Pineapple is a nutrient powerhouse, full of vitamin C and manganese. Dried apple contains large amounts of fiber, vitamin C, potassium and vitamin K. You should also check out our dried mango which always sells out over summer. It is a delightful, colourful snack that tastes tangy and tart with the perfect amount of sweetness! It also has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Similar to apples, dried cranberries are nutritional superstars. They have a similar nutrient density to apples however also have additional antioxidants.