Looking to buy Nut Butters online?

Freshly made in store, our nut butters are 100% natural, fresh and hand-made! In case, you didn't know, nut butter goes way beyond just the usual store-bought peanut butter. It is usually full of additives and preservatives. Our handmade nut butters are made from 100% nuts or natural ingredients! They are one of the best ways to get all of the health benefits of nuts into your diet without the jaw cramps. Our family (and many of our customers' families) keep several kinds of nut butters in the pantry. They are the PERFECT snack, like a nutrient-dense, hunger-busting energy source. 

You can add them to toast or as a side for a salad or snack. You can dip your veggies in them or if you are in a rush, just eat a spoonful of delicious nut butter for a quick, easy energy boost. 

Types of Nut Butters

Most households around Australia keep a jar of nut butter in the pantry because it is the perfect snack food for energy, protein and healthy fats. However, the world of nut butters is WAY bigger than just peanut butter! Most people don't realize how useful and delicious nut butters really are because they haven't branched out yet. We promise that, once you have tasted a few, you'll decide to keep a few in your pantry at all times.

Our most popular nut butter is obviously peanut butter. It is known for its satiating qualities, high levels of protein and delicious flavour. We hand-mill all of our nut butters. Our peanut butter is made from peanuts grown in Kingaroy in Queensland. Most supermarket-bought peanut butter is commercially produced and mixed with additives and preservatives. The peanuts used are typically from Asia. Wait until you taste peanut butter grown locally and handmade here in Brisbane! The difference is REAL.

If you are after a more delicate flavour, you may want to check out our almond butter. Almond butter is less intense than peanut butter but makes for the perfect addition to any snack or meal that is already flavoursome but needs either the right texture or nutritional boost. Almonds are one of the healthiest nuts you can buy, making almond butter an enticing option for parents wanting to slip some serious goodness into their meals. 

For the more adventurous of you, check out Macadamia Butter and Cashew Butter. They are both extremely nutritious options, although are higher in monounsaturated fat than most other nuts. This just means you should keep servings to a a reasonable sizes and not gorge on them. They are very decadent, creamy nut butters that pair exceptionally well with sweet fruits or in desserts. 

Finally, we have a range of nut butters that are pre-blended with our vegan chocolate callets! This combination tastes very familiar to anyone who has a nutella addiction yet you won't believe how good they still are for you. With minimal sugar (from the dark chocolate) and all of the benefits of nuts, these nut butters are magic for curbing sugar cravings! In particular you'll want to check out our Chocolate Hazelnut butter and chocolate almond butters. We eat them with a spoon right after dinner when the sugar cravings come knocking! They satiate the sweet tooth AND give us an added boost of healthy fats, proteins and amino acids.

It's hard to say which nut butter is the absolute best for your health. It largely depends on what your current state of health is, gender and genetics. We'll suggest two that you are very safe bets for you (unless you have any nut allergies in which case, better to avoid). We'd recommend peanut butter if you particularly want better brain health. Peanuts have more folate than other nuts which is great for your nervous system. The other suggestion would be almond butter. Almonds are especially rich in calcium, vitamin E and fibre. 

From our selection, that would be peanut butter. Peanut butter contains 32g per 100g serving which makes it a fabulous source of protein. Getting enough protein in your diet is very important and finding plant-based sources can be difficult. Peanut butter is a great source of dietary protein.  

If you are following a ketogenic diet, chances are that you are eating a lot more nuts than the average person. What's most important with a ketogenic diet is that you keep your carbohydrate levels below a certain threshold. It's very important to find nuts with high levels of healthy fats, but even more important for ketosis is the carbohydrate level. The nut butter with the least carbohydrate content is Macadamia butter with only 14grams per 100g serve.