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The TJ's Nutcracker is proudly produced in Queensland, Australia. TJ’s Macadamia Nutcrackers have now been manufacturing what has become Australia’s Greatest Macadamia Nutcracker, for over 20 years and they continue to grow each year. The original mock up designs of the Macadamia Nutcracker were created by an elderly man from country Queensland using second hand materials and parts salvaged from old cars and machinery. Although in those days the finished product was a bit of an eyesore, they could see the potential and immediately joined forces to take this great invention to the next level. After sourcing new tools, new machinery and new materials they have transformed the Nutcracker in to an attractive, sturdy and incredibly functional device. They choose quality over quantity and all TJ's Nutcrackers come with a lifetime warranty. A product that is good for constant use and can ‘withstand the test of time’.

This unique Macadamia Nut Cracker has gained notoriety both overseas and in Australia due to its ease of operability, popularity with all ages, including the handicapped and its famous hand crafted quality. The TJ's Nut Cracker has become a ‘must have’ in Australian households. It makes a fantastic Christmas gift for nut lovers or hard to buy for family members as it's the perfect talking point during drinks and gatherings.

If you are fortunate enough to own a Macadamia Nut Tree, you are now able to make use of these delicious nuts more efficiently, with the aid of this nutcracker. No more will nuts be left to decay on the ground! Gather up the nuts and remove the outer husk, then allow them to 'dry'.

This can be done by hanging them in a shady spot in a cotton produce bag or similar. This nut cracker will also remove the husk if the husk is split. To achieve this split, hang-dry for a longer period of time, or leave in the sun for a period of time. The nut is ready for cracking when you can hear the kernel rattle inside when shaking the nut.

The TJ's Nutcracker is very safe to use by following the instructions carefully.

Place the machine on a solid, flat surface, with the end of the handle on the rubber stopper facing you. For cracking, reverse the handle until it stops. Wedge the nut right down between the jaws. Place your hand over the machine, holding the nut in place with your fingers.

This method will prevent very brittle shells from shattering and shooting out in all directions. Using the other hand, simply pull the handle towards you. It is not necessary to the handle right down to the stopper, as this may break the kernel as well. With some practice, you can achieve a perfectly intact kernal. this degree of success also depends on the quality and size of the nuts used, and the proper drying process.

Your Nutcracker will last for many years if maintained correctly. Clean after every use by lightly dusting and wiping with a slightly damp cloth. Occasionally check the tightness of the six screws that secure the machine to the tray, and the four nuts and bolts that hold the machine together, including the large nuts on the handle. If possible, when not in use leave the handle back (in an open position). Do not immerse in water.

Please note The Tj's Nutcracker is designed for commercial grade nuts only. Damage sustained from cracking larder and thick-shelled 'bush' nuts or 'grafted' nuts, will void your lifetime warranty. 

Queensland, Australia.
Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not immerse in water. 

Customer Reviews

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Going nuts

I bought this for my daughter who loves macadamias, which, as everyone knows, are the toughest nuts to crack. Very sturdy and well designed. Works great, and we love it.

Excellent product.

Brilliant product! Easier than using a brick and a
Would love to know the story of the original maker.

And, just a footnote: For the most part, the modern meaning or connotation of the word 'notoriety' means being known for a negative or bad reason. I noticed the word in your product description.

Susan Steinhardt
TJ’s Macadamia Nutcracker

We have had a macadamia tree for 20 years and have used various devices to crack the nuts over the years. We recently bought TJ’s Macadamia Nutcracker and it is a cracker! The best - sturdy, strong, easy to use. I look forward to cracking nuts now.

Randy Ryan
Wonderful device

Already recommended to a friend, that’s how good it is! One maybe two pulls and Bob’s your uncle! Thanks for making a solid, functional nut cracker.

Glen Carolan

TJ's Macadamia Nutcracker

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