Glacé Fruit Box


Delve into a world of exquisite taste with our Gourmet Glacé Fruit Collection. Each piece, from the juicy apricot to the zesty orange, is a testament to the art of preservation. Their vibrant hues and rich flavors are captured to perfection, making them a must-have in every gourmet kitchen.

Glace fruits have been a cherished component in baking for generations. From the sun-drenched pineapple to the delicate peach, each fruit offers a unique burst of flavor. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to desserts, these glacé fruits don't just tantalize the taste buds - their radiant colors enhance the visual appeal of any dish. Among the finest available online, our glacé fruit selection stands out for its impeccable taste and quality. 

Box Contains:

  • Glace Apricot
  • Glace Orange
  • Glace Pineapple
  • Glace Peach
  • Glace Fig
  • Glace Pear
  • Glace Red Cherry
  • Glace Green Cherry
  • Glace Mixed Peel


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Quick easy way to access Glacé fruit

My delivery of Glacé Fruit from the Nut Market was superb. Quick, high quality fruit, and beautifully presented and packed. Will definitely shop here again.

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