Chocolate Almond Butter


We take our premium, Australian Grown dry roasted almonds, mix them with the our high quality vegan dark chocolate callets, and grind it all down in our in-house nut mill to make our famous Nut Market Chocolate Almond Butter.

This popular vegan Nutella like spread contains no additives, including sugar or salt – often found in commercial nut butters, it's preservative free and ready to eat by the spoonful! Almond and chocolate butter is delicious as a spread or can be added to desserts, raw food recipes and sweet baked goods.

It has a lovely silky, rich, chocolatey flavour and aroma with all the added health benefits of almonds and dark chocolate. All the taste, none of the guilt!

Serving size:     50 g 

Average Quantity

Per Serving

Average Quantity

Per 100 g



1235 kJ

8.1 g

2470 kJ

16.2 g

Fat, total

– saturated


– sugars

24.5 g

3.5 g

9.65 g

8.35 g

49.0 g

7.0 g

19.3 g

16.7 g

Sodium9 mg18 mg

The Nut Market's Dairy-Free and Vegan Chocolate Almond Butter is a delicious spread on its own or with classics like apple slices, jam or smashed banana. Spread it on toast, with crusty bread, or blend it in smoothies, protein shakes or add to nutritious breakfast bowls and desserts.

Chocolate Almond Butter is also a great pantry staple as it makes a perfect addition to a broad spectrum of recipes including home-baked cookies, muffins, cakes and slices, or raw food treats – great for energy balls, muesli bars and vegan chocolate. Not to mention the whole family just loves to eat it... sometimes straight out of the jar!

70% Australian Grown Dry Roasted Almonds, Organic Dark Chocolate: (Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin)). 
Made in Australia from Local and Imported Ingredients. 70% Australian Grown Dry Roasted Almonds and 30% Belgium Dark Chocolate. 

Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Shelf-Life of up to 9 months when stored as above. See Best Before date.

Your Chocolate Almond Butter may become quite firm when stored in a cool environment, you can simply give it a brief warm up in a heat proof bowl to release the natural oils. 

This product contains Tree Nuts. This product may contain traces of other Allergens.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joane Victor

Amazing rage of products to choose from!!
So delicious 😋

Patrick Molloy

Really nice product for what it is. Unfortunately there is too much sugar content for our particular diet. (Found out only after enjoying over half the jar!)

Brenda Kaps

Gave as a gift and the recipient reported that it was delicious. May have to order for myself!

Yoshie Kirakovski
Chocolate almond butter

It is so is fast service what I expected.
I would love to order again

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